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Frownies facial patches, SilcSkin Patches and Wrinkles Schminkles Patches – what to pick!?

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Frownies facial patches, SilcSkin Patches and Wrinkles Schminkles Patches – what to pick!?

Silicone Patches for wrinkles can be tough to compare. We had some great feedback from women who found our last wrinkle patch comparison blog post helpful, so we’re back with a new post comparing a couple of other brands so you can easily choose the right wrinkle treatment patch that suits you.

Read below to compare some differences between Wrinkles Schminkles, Frownies and SilcSkin.

We are big believers in supporting all women in business and believe there is enough love to go around for everyone! With this information below, we hope to provide a helpful guide to assist your patch decision.


Frownies  Wrinkles Schminkles Silcskin
  • Unbleached Craft Paper 
  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone
  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone
  • Frownies Patches are made in the USA 
  • Our Patches are made in the USA in only 1 of 2 FDA approved facilities
  • SilcSkin patches are made in the USA
  • Frownies Wrinkle Patch offerings include wrinkle patches for the face
  • Our Patch offerings include Patches for the face, neck and body
  • Patches for the Face and Décolletage 
  • Patches, masks, sprays, serums, creams and lotions
  • Patches, sheet masks, peel pads, serums, beauty tools
  • Patches, creams & cleanser
  • No discount offered to new customers
    • We offer 20% off first purchase for new customers
      • 10% off first purchase
      • No clinical study found for Frownies Facial Patches
      • Verified clinical study on Wrinkles Schminkles Patches
      • Unverified clinical study found for SilcSkin.


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      *Clinical Efficacy Study, August 2019. 

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