Real Customer Results

Kiss wrinkles goodbye! See these real customer results after just one nights use, with even better results over time. No needles necessary.


Christine D, 61

"The Chest Pad is the is the best beauty product that I have ever used. It is so good and if you get deep deep sleep lines like I do, it is the only thing I have found that stops them."

Jacqui M, 45

"I have had the "V" of wrinkles on my chest for as long as I can remember. I am 45 and have always been a side sleeper, not good for the chest of any age. I will never be without these Chest Pads again, my wrinkles diminished to almost not there!"


Cassie B, 46

"Tried these as my dark circles and tired eyes were getting me down. Can’t believe what a difference they’ve made! My fine lines are much improved too!"

Eunice P, 67

"I have been using the Eye Patches & absolutely love it! It has visibly improved the fine lines around my eyes. Highly recommend."


Shirley H, 42

"I'm amazed at what these forehead pads can do! If I am working on the computer I sometimes wear them just for a couple of hours but the bigger difference is when I sleep in them - love love this product!"

Betty S, 63

"I am always looking for ways to smooth out fine lines on my forehead. I’m a side sleeper. I wore it at night and during the day while home. Works beautifully. I was shocked how well this product works. Worth every cent."


Annie C, 64

"To be totally honest, I was a little sceptical before I tried this product, but I was blown away by the results. My skin and fine lines were significantly smoother the next day and the results have just improved with every use. Highly recommend."

Ann W, 58

"My skin really feels softer and smoother after using this. There's a difference in how my skin looks, and I love that it's reusable. I'm excited to see what happens after a few weeks."


Caitlin B, 35

"I noticed immediate results after the first night. My skin was smoother, lines obviously tightened, and it stayed on without issue."

Ashleigh A, 31

"It did as expected, I saw results after first use. It stayed in place all night."

  • “I’ve used probably every brand of Chest Pads and this is my favorite. This shape is the most comfortable, as I find the others to be irritating towards the morning time.”


  • “This worked wonders. You get results seriously overnight!!”


  • “This product is AMAZING! Just wearing this forehead pad at night has largely gotten rid of my eleven lines between my eyebrows.”