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FACT: We live in a world of contradictions; shamed if you don’t want to embrace the signs of premature aging, shamed if you do. We’re not going to tell you that aging is something you need to be ‘anti’ about; nor are we going to reverse-shame you into learning to love your wrinkles when you don’t we say: you do bloody you.

Wrinkles Schminkles is for those who want affordable, non-invasive treatments for fresher-looking skin and targeted line-refining. Our signature Forehead Wrinkle Patch, Chest Wrinkle Patch, Neck Wrinkle Patch and Eye Patches are designed to respectively target facial wrinkles (thanks, genetics), decolletage wrinkles (thanks, side-sleeping), neck wrinkles (thanks, tech) and eye wrinkles (thanks, sun damage). Safe for all skins, ages and life stages, our 100% Medical-Grade Silicone Wrinkle Patches have been clinically proven to refine skin texture, boost hydration and collagen and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in a matter of hours.

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I just assumed fine lines beneath my eyes were a given as I age but I tried these one night and the under eye lines were noticeably smoother and my skin felt firmer.


I use the Chest Patches and they're amazing. I would actually love a cat suit for the whole body!


Wow! I've used the forehead pads the last two nights and I'm totally amazed. I hated my forehead lines so much and was always paranoid! Now I'm so happy. These totally fixed the problem.