Signs From Your Skin That You're in Perimenopause or Menopause

And How To Best Look After It

Signs From Your Skin That You're in Perimenopause or Menopause <p> And How To Best Look After It

Aging is natural and happens to everyone and for women this also comes with perimenopause and menopause. These two words are being openly spoken about more and more and for good reason! For many women ‘Perimenopause’ may come as a new never-heard about word but it’s important for women to understand the symptoms that come with it and better yet how we can alleviate these symptoms whilst also not dreading this feeling of “getting older”.


Perimenopause, as you may have guessed, comes before menopause. It is the stage of life when your ovaries begin to slow down, which means a lot of changes in your body…. And your skin!


Every woman’s body is different but typically women in their early 40s – 50s will begin noticing the perimenopause symptoms. You’ll notice changes in your skin such as thinning and dryer skin, wrinkles and weakening of the epidermal layer of the skin and these changes will continue when you transition into menopause symptoms. Collagen, the vital protein that plays an essential role in the structure and function of skin, will begin to decrease. There are studies that show women's skin loses about 30% of its collagen during the first five years of perimenopause / menopause, which can mean you start noticing bigger changes when you look in the mirror such as your skin losing its tightness, especially around the jowl area and more wrinkles beginning to form.


With these changes in your skin and body, your skincare should also change with it to help support these visual changes that can be hard for women to embrace. We are proud to produce products that allow women going through perimenopause and menopause skin changes to continue to feel confident in their skin with a natural, non-invasive approach. Our Wrinkle Smoothing Patches adherence to the skin creates a closed environment known as ‘occlusion’ where the skin can hydrate itself. This can help stimulate collagen production, resulting in more hydrated and visibly smoother skin. Our specially formulated patches also keep the skin taut preventing it from being able to crease or wrinkle and tighten the skin that’s lost its elasticity.


Our patches are easy to use and introduce into your nighttime skincare routine or for any women experiencing raised body temperature known as ‘hot flushes’ while they sleep, simply use the patches for 1-2 hours during the day at home while watching TV, working or talking on the phone! As our patches need to be used on clean, dry skin free of any skincare, simply alternate with your normal skincare routine on the desired area. Like most skincare products, consistency is key! The more consistently our patches are used the better the results will be over time.


Ageing is a privilege, many women have their lives cut short so we want all women to be able to embrace these ‘visual’ changes so we can continue to feel confident in our skin and enjoy our lives. We trust and hope our patches can contribute to all women feeling great about themselves at all life stages by saying Schminkles to their Wrinkles!


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