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Why Skinimalism is the Ultimate Solution for Over-Stressed and Sensitive Skin

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Why Skinimalism is the Ultimate Solution for Over-Stressed and Sensitive Skin

What is Skinimalism?  

Skinimalism is an enduring skincare trend that’s about getting back to basics. It’s about side-stepping those intensive, time-consuming and spenny 12-step skincare routines that, for some, can leave your skin angry and irritated, instead of glassy and glowing.   

Skinimalism can also mean doing an audit and edit of the over-stimulating active ingredients in your routine – not forever, just for now - in favour of gentle, calm-restoring ingredients that won’t aggravate your skin’s delicate barrier.    

Who Should Consider Skinimalism?  
Skinimalism is for you if:  

  • You’ve been overdoing the active ingredients and your skin looks and feels more sensitive than usual  

  • Your rosacea or eczema has revved up or maybe you’re going through a bad breakout  

  • You feel like Winter is dragging your skin down: it’s feeling tight, thirsty and dry, dry, dry  

  • Hormonal skin sensitivities are showing up in your skin (think: pregnancy, pre-menstrual, peri or post-menopausal)  

  • You’re feeling the effects of Cozzie Livs (AKA, the Cost-of-Living Crisis) and you need to rein in your routine   

5 Ways to Become a Skinimalist  

1. Do a skincare audit.
Do you really need three different serums morning and night?  
Are you ‘cocktailing’ because that’s what some fresh-faced skinfluencer on TikTok was doing? Bring it (and your skincare budget) back to basics by focusing on the key pillars of good skincare: cleansing, hydrating, protecting.  

2. Prioritise gentle skincare, with can’t-really-go-wrong ingredients.   
Like Silicone. Unless you’re actually allergic to it, this simple but so-effective ingredient has been used by doctors, dermatologists and surgeons for years for its incredible healing properties for burns and scarring. We use 100% Medical-Grade Silicone in our Wrinkle Patches to help draw moisture up from the deeper layers to the surface to hydrate, smooth and plump skin — without irritation.  

3. Follow the rules/directions.  
At the risking of sounding basic, it’s super important to (really) pay attention to application instructions. When you’re using something active like Vitamins A or C, more is not more; in fact, you can irritate skin if you use too much. Make sure you also understand how and when to use a particular product. For instance, any form of Retinol should be used at night time only and sunscreen needs to worn as protection during the day.   

4. Ease up on your exfoliation  
Yes, your skin feels and looks drier in Winter but being heavy handed with chemical exfoliants (AHAs, BHAs, PHAs) or physical scrubs will only compromise your barrier protection and make it worse. We recommend using our Wrinkles Schminkles Face-Polishing Peel Pads to refine and surface skin, followed by a gentle but nourishing moisturiser. 
5. Pre and Post-Professional Treatments  
Skinimalism is ideal for when you’re pre- and post-professional treatments like BBL, IPL, micro-needling and chemical peels. Keeping your skincare super gentle and simple will help the healing process.