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What's the best investment you've made in yourself? 5 female founders tell all.

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What's the best investment you've made in yourself? 5 female founders tell all.


To celebrate International Women's Day this year we interviewed 5 inspiring female founders (including our own) and asked them "What’s the best investment you’ve made in yourself and how has it positively impacted your life?".

Jennifer Yen

Creator and Founder, Purlisse

The best investment I made in myself is continue to learn, believing in myself and never giving up.

This has impacted me in priceless ways such as building a business, building and growing a team and setting an example for my daughter.”


Margarita Arriagada

Founder, Valdé Beauty

"The best investment I made in myself was to walk away from a corporate role and career to take time to discover who I really am and what I was really meant to do.

This journey has led me to create a brand that embodies all my values, perspective and finally in control of my life. I am thriving when most people expected I would be retiring.”

Dawn McCoy

TV host, writer, actor, children’s advocate and Founder, Loving Way Foundation

"The best investment I’ve made in myself is becoming a mother.

I know it sounds like a pat answer, but it’s the one thing I wanted to be more than anything else. I’m so grateful I became a mother at 41 to the most magical boy.

Becoming a mother also led to my true passion - advocating for children, victims’ rights and fighting to end child abuse. In the midst of great pain, we found our purpose and to see the ripples of change that has created is the most positive impact I can imagine.

Second best investment? My home. I “saw” my home before I SAW it - and I feel like not only I manifested it, but that it found me. It is my family’s sanctuary. It feels like home and vacation all in one.”


Dorian Morris

CEO & Founder, Undefined Beauty

"Attending industry events continues to be the "gift that keeps on giving" and one of the best investments into my professional network/relationships.

I strongly believe that iron sharpens iron and I'm constantly leaning on my circle of female founder friends to problem-solve and partner together to grow. 1+1= 5 when like-minded founders come together. On the personal side,

I have a daily gratitude practice that has been invaluable in reframing my mindset towards abundance and away from scarcity which is a superpower in navigating the rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship.”


Gabrielle Requena

CEO & Founder, Wrinkles Schminkles

"The best investment I’ve made in myself was to ensure in my younger foundational years I obtained the best education, mentoring and work experience possible.

This set me up with a strong commercial foundation to create businesses and opportunities as well as financial independence - and as a woman create freedom to make life choices and truly run your own race and enjoy the latter years.”

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