Smooth Wrinkles &
Fine Lines Overnight
for Under $30


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How Our Wrinkle Smoothing Patches Work


Each Patch Is Reusable Up to 20 wears

Our Silicone Wrinkle Patches are reusable up to 20x - that's just $1.50/use. Say goodbye to single-use woes because we've kicked them right out the door!


Clinically Proven Results for a Fraction of the Cost of Botox

Smooth wrinkles with dermatologist trusted Silicone Patches.


Designed to treat key areas

Our patches target areas most affected by sun damage and side-sleeping. Refine skin texture and boost hydration & collagen.

We’re not shameless braggers but we’ve literally smoothed miles
of skin
stretching across the world in the past decade

"These patches are
incredible and really help
those under eye wrinkles”

- Terry

"The difference is amazing
improves current wrinkles
and prevents sleep wrinkles”

- Lauren

"Skin is less wrinkled and
smoother after only a couple

- Barb

Real Customers. Unreal Results.

“As an aesthetician, I frequently get asked about alternatives to Botox. I recommended silicone patches for their ability to immobilize muscles and retain moisture, which help soften the look of wrinkles. These patches exceeded my expectations!"

- Aimee

Use code: GLOW20

"I have lines on my forehead that are very noticeable. I have tried fillers, but they never go completely away. I wear the forehead patch faithfully and they are 99% gone."

- Brenda

Use code: GLOW20

"To be totally honest, I was a little skeptical before I tried this product, but I was blown away by the results! My skin and fine lines were significantly smoother the next day and the results have just improved with every use. Highly recommend!"

- Nicola

Use code: GLOW20

5 Simple Steps to Smooth Your Wrinkles From Home


Cleanse and dry skin, keeping it free of ANY skincare


Peel away plastic layer of the Silicone Patch to reveal adhesive.


Stick Silicone Patches on target area, adhesive side on skin.


Wear while you sleep for best results or 1-2 hours for a boost.


Gently peel off Patches, sticking them on the enclosed storage sheet for when you're ready to use them again

Use code: GLOW20

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